Club Programme for 2018

April 7th. Hands-on. Supplementary attraction - Member Tony Reindorp and marquetry workshop . We will also feature chip carving, tool sharpening, scroll saw, pyrography (shading, tone and texture exercises) plus a re-vamped turning session.

May 5th. MARK SANGER - Woodturner.
Meeting extended to 4:00pm

June 2nd.

July 7th. Hands-on. Professional carver Ian Ford will be coming along to give advice to the carving group.

August 4th. QUENTIN SMITH - marquetry.
Meeting extended to 4:00pm

September 1st. Hands-on.

October 6th. ROBERT TILL - woodturner.

November 3rd. Hands-on. Supplementary attraction - Member Tony Reindorp and Terry Cambridge will be conducting a Marquetry workshop for those who are interested.

December 1st. AGM & Christmas Fuddle

The Club or writer accepts no responsibility for any expenses incurred through “no show” of demonstrators, incorrect dates stated etc.

Competitions 2018

Members are reminded that the competitions will have a theme in some months BUT the theme is not compulsory. Those members following the theme will be awarded a bonus point.

January - Open

February - Open

March - a finial box.

April - Open

May - a long stemmed goblet (overall minimum 30cm.).

June - Open

July - Six coasters and a stand.

August - Open

September - Halloween.

October - Open

November - A block and gavel.

December - No competition (but this may change during the year - keep a look out!)