Club Programme for 2017

January 7th. Hands-on. Supplementary attraction - Tony Reindorp and marquetry workshop.

February 4th. Hands-on.

March 4th. BOB NEILL - Pyrographer.
This is a demo AND hands-on. If you wish to participate please bring along a turned/carved item which you can decorate.

April 1st. Hands-on.

May 6th. ROBIN BARLOW - Woodturner.
(meeting extended to 4:00pm)

June 3rd.

July 1st. MARGARET GARRARD - woodturner.

August 5th. MICHAEL PAINTER - woodcarver.

September 2nd. Hands-on. Supplementary attraction - David Reynolds and lace bobbin turning.

October 7th. MICK HANBURY - woodturner.

November 4th. Hands-on. Supplementary attraction - Bill Morley and drill bit sharpening with a Tormech system. Also, Tony Reindorp will be conducting a Marquetry workshop for those who are interested.

December 2nd. AGM & Christmas Fuddle

The Club or writer accepts no responsibility for any expenses incurred through “no show” of demonstrators, incorrect dates stated etc.

January 6th. 2018 Hands-on. Supplementary attraction - John McConnell will be running a "sharpening workshop " - for carving tools.

Competitions 2017

Members are reminded that the competitions will have a theme in some months BUT the theme is not compulsory. Those members following the theme will be awarded a bonus point.

January - Open

February - Open

March - "21" - the club is 21 years old this month so let your imagination run wild!!

April - Open

May - An example of involuted (inside out) turning.

June - Open

July - A child's toy.

August - Open

September - A paper knife.

October - Open

November - An item of jewellery.

December - No competition (but this may change during the year - keep a look out!)