Club Programme for 2019

January 5th. Hands-on. Turning group - Dick Potter will demonstrate inlays on a vase.
Scrollsaw group - opportunities for beginners to try out basic patterns.
Pyrography group -
Decorative Edges - Liz . Please bring your A4 plywood practice boards if you have them, and we can decorate the edges with different designs and nibs.
Carving group - carving love spoons from supplied blanks.

February 2nd. Hands-on. Carving group - will be featuring Jonathon Hart - woodcarver.
Turning group - trying out Jo Sonja paints.
Pyrography group -
Following Round - Tina. Learn the technique of following your pattern on objects like wooden spoons and egg cups.

March 2nd. Rick Dobney - woodturner.

April 6th. Hands-on. Turning group - David Reynolds will demonstrate making of lace bobbins.
Pyrography group - Captivating Celtic Knots - Greg and Graham. Practice these ancient designs to create real 3D effects.
Marquetry workshop conducted by Tony Reindorp and Terry Cambridge.
Carving group - will be working on a variety of relief carvings: the vine leaf for beginners and more elaborate designs for those members who are ready for a new challenge.
Scrollsaw group - continuing with basic patterns for newcomers to the craft and introduce the method required for internal cuts.

May 4th. Emma Cook - "The Tiny Turner".

June 1st. OPEN DAY - Turning group - Pens, lace bobbins, bowl/goblet and have-a -go!
Judging of collaborative competition.

July 6th. Hands-on. Turning group - make a spinning top.
Pyrography group -
Successful Silhouettes - Lisa. Simple designs look stunning when you persevere with creating a dark/light effect.
Marquetry workshop conducted by Tony Reindorp and Terry Cambridge.

August 3rd. Brian Cockerill - woodturner.

September 7th. Hands-on. Turning group - Apples and Pears by Peter Rutter - fruit making!
Pyrography group - Change of plan! The group will be working on designs they have already prepared with the intention of selling some of them at Brailsford Show (2nd. Oct.) and the Stickmakers Show (6th. Oct.). "Tangle Teasers" will be held over until next year.

October 5th. Gianni Deidda - scrollsaw artist. Demo of approximately two hours followed by a workshop for interested members.

November 2nd. Hands-on. Turning group - Christmas trees, ornaments and finials!
Pyrography group - Lovely Lettering. Freehand or computer fonts - there are so many ways with creative writing.
Scrollsaw group - Xmas tree decorations.

December 7th. AGM & Christmas Fuddle

The Club or writer accepts no responsibility for any expenses incurred through “no show” of demonstrators, incorrect dates stated etc.

Competitions 2019

Members are reminded that the competitions will have a theme in some months BUT the theme is not compulsory. Those members following the theme will be awarded a bonus point.

January - Open

February - Open

March - Easter

April - Open

May - cutting board/platter

June - Open (Judging of collaborative competition.)

July - Desk tidy

August - Open

September - Lidded box

October - Open

November - Pair of candlesticks/tea-light holders.

December - No competition (but this may change during the year - keep a look out!)