Tools Register

This is a list of tools held by the club which are available for loan by members. Please note that as tools are NOT stored at our meeting place but several miles distant, it is essential that you give the committee plenty of notice that you would like to loan a tool. Please contact a committee member direct or via the email address at the foot of this page and it will be brought to the next meeting.
List correct as at March 2014 (Except carving tools which were updated 10/5/19)

Carving Tools

List maintained by Roger King (carving lead) - any queries to him please.

Ashley Isles chisels
Ashley Isles palm chisels
Power Grip chisels
UJ Ramelson palm chisels
Pfiel palm chisels - Set A
Pfiel palm chisels - Set B
Pfiel palm chisels - Set C
Pfiel palm chisels - Set D
Ray McConnell's chisels
Beber Chip Carving Knife 1
Beber Chip Carving Knife 2
Beber Chip Carving Knife 3
Carving gloves - Small - A
Carving gloves - Medium - A
Carving gloves - Large - A
Carving gloves - Small - B
Carving gloves - Medium - B
Carving gloves - Large - B
Flexcut Knife 1
Flexcut knife 2
Flexcut knife 3
Footprint small carving tools.

Scrollsaw Tools

Hegner Multicut-1 variable speed scrollsaw.
Dremel 395 Multitool with assorted accessories.

Pyrography Tools

Peter Childs Pyrography Sets (x3)

Other small accessories are available to loan; please contact Liz King (pyrography lead) for details.

Total Tool List