Any Questions??

If you have a problem relating to your woodcraft or just want to chat to other members then go to our discussion page and post a question. You’ll find it at: 

So how do you join the discussion group?  Instructions are below; at first sight it may seem complicated but actually takes very little time to work through. Sign into :  (use the link above) then if it's your first visit click on "register" in the top right hand corner. You will be prompted to enter an email address; this is so that you can receive updates to any post you have written or commented on. It will not be used for any other purposes.

You will then be taken to the forum registration page where you will need to

1. Choose a password,

2. Re-enter the password, 

3. Enter your name, (it is important you use your real name here so they if there are any problems we know who we (Admin) are dealing with.)

4. Enter your date of birth. (This needs to be somewhere near you actual date as you will not be allowed to enter the forum if you are under 13!  It also means other members can wish you happy birthday on the appropriate date. I understand there may be some reluctance from the more senior members, but just make sure it’s over 13.)

5. Then enter your gender, (this is not a big issue but we do have members of both genders and it helps to be aware of the gender you are talking to as you will only be known by your user name which could be anything, so the other members will not know who exactly they are talking to.)

6. Click "Continue" at the bottom of the page.

8. You will then be asked to "Choose a User Name" (This can be anything you like, but can only contain letters and numbers, no spaces, and remember, you will be talking face to face with others each month so no offensive name or terms please as these may well be disallowed by the Admin if other members complain.)

9. Click the small box asking you to agree to the terms and conditions. (These may change at anytime due to demand and/or necessity but you will be informed of any changes).

10. Click "Continue".

11. You will then be asked to "Prove you are Human" by entering the "re-capture" text in the pop up box. When you have done this click "submit" (if you have difficulty reading the images there is a small circular arrow next to the image - the top one of the three to the right - this will give you a different image. This can be done several times until you get an image that is clear enough, upper and lower case letter are not needed, just the same characters)

12. You will then be taken to the activation page. Here you will need to leave the internet page and check your emails as you will have been sent an activation email with a twenty character code. Simply copy this code and return to the internet page then paste it into the blue box. (It will look something like this "BaAjiOOTAMhu3mSOdRGumqnQEYKsn9q3" and be in an email marked "Proboard"). Then click "Activate".

13. You will then be taken to the "Success" page. You have now finished the registration process. Sorry it is so long but it stops spam and will hopefully be worth everyone's time.

14. Click "Continue" at the bottom of the page and you should be taken to the forum where you can share each other's wealth of knowledge as much as you like all month long.

You should also be sent an email confirming you acceptance.

The “Admin team” hope you enjoy this forum and treat it as you would any normal club meeting.

Any queries or problems please contact the administrator at who will do his very best to sort out your problems ASAP.