June 2021 Meeting
Jan B1.jpeg

First place went to Jan Bartlett with her carving of a Tern in Italian Lime.

Liz K.jpeg

Second place went to Liz King who pyrographed a pair of zebras on to Birch ply.

Peter F2.jpg

Third place went to Peter Fantham for his heart shaped trinket box in Yew.

John Wa (1).jpeg

Also entered - John Walker's "pig farm" (!!) in Spalted Beech, Yew and Spalted Birch.

Peter B.JPG

Carving in Lime by Peter Branson titled "Curls, Swirls and Flowers"

Graham L.JPG

Graham Legg used Olive Ash to make this skeleton clock.

John Wil.jpg

Solitaire board in Padauk from John Williams; marbles turned from Spalted Sycamore.

Carole S1.jpg

Carving by Carole Snell in Yew.

Terry C.jpeg

Marquetry picture "The Royal Angler" from Terry Cambridge.

David R1.jpg

David Reynolds used Golden Camphor Burr to produce this lidded bowl.

Derek Pjpeg

Beech and resin art form by Derek Puplett.