April 2021 Meeting
John W.jpg

First place taken by John Williams with his box in Oak and Sapele. For the inlays he used Alder, Bubinga, Wenge and Sapele.

Terry C.jpeg

Second place went to Terry Cambridge for his marquetry picture titled "Time fo a Change" measuring 75mm x 100mm.

Carole S.jpg

There was a tie for third place between . . .Carole Snell for her carving in Pine and . . .

Shannon R.jpeg

. . . Shannon Richardson's pyrographed coaster featuring a Newfoundland dog.


Also entered . . . sliding counter game for the grandkids from James Sharpe . . .

David R.jpeg

. . .turned dish in English Walnut from David Reynolds . .

Graham L 3.JPG

. . hollowform in Apple and tulips in Zebrano, Yew and Oak from Graham Legg . .

John W 3.jpeg

. . more vases of Easter tulips from John Walker using a variety of woods (some not shown were left unpainted) . .

Derek P1.jpeg

. . a piece of tricky pipework turned by Derek Puplett using Cherry. Rust effect achieved using black acrylic paint and cinnamon dust (delicious!)

Jan B1.jpg

. . Monarch butterfly carved in Jelutong and finished in acrylic paints by Jan Bartlett . .

Greg H1.jpg

. . narrow boat in recycled timber from Gregory Holmes . .

Bronagh C.jpg

. . Easter Cross by Bronagh Cassidy.