March 2021 Meeting
Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 20.14.56.jpeg

At the turners group Zoom meeting Graham Legg shows what he's been making.

Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 20.33.28.jpeg

And one not so successful!

Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 20.37.07.jpeg

Derek Puplett wasn't to be outdone!!

Steve 1.jpeg

Steve Fearnley at the March monthly meeting (via Zoom).

Steve 2.jpeg

Shows some items he'd made.

Steve 3.jpeg

Demonstrates how he prepares a pattern.

Steve 4.jpeg

Applies it to the wooden plaque.

Steve 5.jpeg

Touches up any faint areas with pencil.

Steve 6.jpeg

Pyrographs the pattern.

Steve 7.jpeg

Almost finished.

steve finish.jpeg

Job done!!

Terry C.jpeg

Terry Cambridge's entry which won the virtual competition.

Jan 1.jpg

Second place went to Jan Bartlett.


Carved from Italian Lime , pyrographed and painted.

Peter F.jpg

Third equal to Peter Fantham and . . . . .

David R 1.jpg

. . . . David Reynolds . . .

David R 2.jpg

. . . .with his natural edge bowl in Burr Elm.

Derek P..jpeg

Also entered . . . . Derek Puplett with this anniversary gift . . . .


. . .scroll sawn "Monarch " from James Sharpe . .

John W.jpeg

. . . . . another clock with intarsia work from John Williams . . .

Graham L 4.JPG

truck maker Graham Legg AKA Rubber Duck has been busy again . .

Tony R 1.jpeg

. . more poppies from Tony Reindorp courtesy of his scroll saw, marquetry and lathe skills . .

Carole S.jpeg

. . .carving from Carole Snell . .

Helen R.jpg

. . . combined Mother's Day Gift and St. David's Day spoon from Helen Richardson.