April 2017 Meeting
APR 1.jpg

Carvers discuss their respective projects.

APR 4.jpg

. . . . some letting their imagination run riot . . . .

MAST 1.jpg

Winner of the Masters' class was Richard Hagues with this bowl in plywood.

MAST 2.jpg

Second place taken by John Henbery with the hat-stand

MEMB B.jpg

First place in the Members' Open section won by Derek Puplett with his goblet in Holly.

MEMB G.jpg

Second place taken by Richard Dallas.

MEMB E.jpg

Third spot went to Liz King for her pyrography work on veneers.

MEMB A.jpg

Also entered, in no particular order, was Danny Gallacher's needle case in Ash . . .

MEMB C.jpg

. . . Graham Legg's lidded pot also in Ash . . .

MEMB D.jpg

. . . bowl in Elm from David Reynolds . .

MEMB F.jpg

. . . Tony Reindorp illustrates how veneers can be used . . .

MEMB H.jpg

. . . mallet in Walnut and Ash from John Waring . .

MEMB I.jpg

. . lidded box in Spalted Beech and Lime from Geoff Dalton

MEMB J.jpg

. . . natural edge bowl in Yew from John Williams.