Club Programme for 2021 and beyond!

Click on the link at the bottom of the page and this will take you to the new style programme designed by member Brian Walker. All the information you need is there, if you need to know anything else then please contact the group lead member.

We will continue to hold all meetings via the Zoom platform until further notice. Reminders are sent out prior to the meetings together with the sign-on link; please do your best to attend these meetings, we want to know and see what you have been doing!

In the meantime please keep in touch with each other and keep up your woodworking skills however you can.

Competitions 2021

Competitions for the year will continue in their virtual form until such time that we are able to meet up again in the village hall. There is no theme for the competitions and the item need not have been made during the last 12 months. The only conditions is that it should be all your own work (!!!) and hasn't been entered in a competition previously. There is no trophy at the end of the year for the winner, just the bragging rights! Once we return to normal you may enter the pieces in the "real" club competitions.
Deadline for competition entries is 18:00 hours on the day of the monthly meeting (members will be advised of any alteration to this rule). Once you have received details of all entries, please remember to vote.


Programme updated 6/6/21